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A new approach to cyber security for vehicles without boundaries

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Digital resilience - a partnership between Ricardo and Roke

Insight and expertise

Manufacturers are experts in mechanical risk, but in the new era of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), a vehicle’s boundary is no longer its bodywork. It now sits somewhere in the cloud, making the vehicle more vulnerable to cyber-attack.

So how do we design and produce the next generation of secure vehicles and realise the vision of future transport systems?

Merging insights from across the automotive and cyber security sectors, Roke and Ricardo are leading a new approach to protecting vehicles without boundaries.

Download the digital resilience whitepaper
Insight and expertise
Download the digital resilience whitepaper

In this white paper, we explain how Digital Resilience can:

  • Help you navigate the complex threat landscape of CAVs
  • Identify, prioritise and fix security vulnerabilities in existing vehicles
  • Be designed into your product development process so future models are secure by design
  • Support the automotive industry in securing the future market for fully automated, self-driving vehicles.

Download the white paper

A partnership between Roke and Ricardo

Roke and Ricardo bring together 160 years of innovative engineering experience. Our unparalleled combination of expertise in secure and resilient systems and automotive engineering means, together, we are ideal partners to support clients in the automotive industry as manufacturers become digitally resilient.

The partners have established a Digital Resilience Laboratory at Ricardo’s technical centre in Shoreham. We provide a comprehensive suite of system testing, including static and live-drive environments, supporting assessment and assurance to deliver automotive digital resilience.