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Bringing together 160 years of innovative engineering experience, Roke and Ricardo are leading a new approach to cyber security.

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Digital resilience - a partnership between Ricardo and Roke

Our digital resilience partnership is securing connected infrastructure across rail, automotive and energy, ensuring the safety of integrated digital and mechanical systems. Our unparalleled expertise delivering secure and resilient systems manages our clients’ digital risk as a core component of the full system lifecycle.

We offer:

  • Test and fix – assess vulnerabilities that threaten existing systems
  • Secure by design – integrate digital risk into a development lifecycle
  • Assurance – validate systems against regulatory requirements and global standards


Passenger safety and system reliability sit at the heart of a rail network. Now, digital technology is driving optimisation across the railway industry, providing opportunities to manage operations better and enhance passenger services. Everything from signalling through to ticketing and passenger information systems rely on networks and information systems. However, the increased integration, connectivity and automation increases the need for advanced rail cyber security systems.



Manufacturers are experts in mechanical risk, but in the new era of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), a vehicle’s boundary is no longer its bodywork. It now sits somewhere in the cloud, making automotive cyber security crucial to avoid vulnerabilities and attacks.

So how do we design and produce the next generation of secure vehicles and realise the vision of future transport systems?



The electrical energy networks sector continues to experience a period of rapid change as markets develop further to accommodate the continuing penetration of distributed energy resources, the uptake of electric vehicles and the potential development of distribution system operator responsibilities. Advances in the development and expansion of associated information and communications technology (ICT) systems are enabling and supporting these changes

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Business systems are becoming more complex, increasing the need for digital resilience and the ability to deal with a cyber attack should the worst happen.

Roke and Ricardo work with clients across the globe to develop bespoke crisis management, business continuity, and emergency response procedures and plans. Roke’s unrivalled cyber security expertise, and Ricardo’s cross industry experience in strategic and operational crisis management and business continuity provides complete organisational resilience capability.

Download the white paper: Vehicles without boundaries

In this white paper, we explain how Digital Resilience can:

  • Help you navigate the complex threat landscape of CAVs
  • Identify, prioritise and fix security vulnerabilities in existing vehicles
  • Be designed into your product development process so future models are secure by design
  • Support the automotive industry in securing the future market for fully automated, self-driving vehicles.
Download the digital resilience whitepaper

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A new approach to cyber security

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